“Barney is the best Pool bloke I’ve every worked with” – Ben

“BHME replaced my pond pump and it hasn’t missed a beat since” – R

“I worked with Barney and BHME building a swimming pool and his expertise is amazing, there was not a problem that he couldn’t fix. I will use him for all the pump and filtration work on my pools from now on” – Learmont Constructions

“I know Barney has been in the industry for a long time, I have worked with him for years. He is a very good pump technician” – Daniel THS

“Barney did the pump and filtration install for my new pool. He also set up a hybrid solar heating and electrical generating system. Without him we would have been stuffed! I would recommended him to anyone” – Matt

“The fan motor on my sand blaster has not worked for years, Barney fixed it in 2 days” – Dave


“Barney is very well known in the commercial pool industry. His work is completed without fuss, on time and at a very high standard” – Byron THS

“I was introduced into the industry by Barney and he taught me everything I know” – Karl SAS

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